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  Bloomberg News Survey, 52% of Small Businesses out of Business One view is that a quick recovery of the... is a Barberton news and entertainment provider with content by local writers, experts, and Community Leaders. Opinions are the writers.
   Buyers of Barberton Speedway Get Lucky and other Barberton Business News! And a treat at Skoops after groomingBrown's Bob...
State and Barberton local governments continue the trend of the federal government and ignore the laws that do not reflex their... is a news and entertainment provider with content by local experts, writers, and Community Leaders. Opinions are the writers.
     Do You Miss Sports ? The closing down of the NBA and Major League Baseball has not impacted this...

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Here it is the middle of May and we are still partially cooped up, but hope is in sight. I was looking...

Barberton News foe May 17th

 Covid-19 Magic City Notes for the Week of 5-17-20. Breaking news last night, the Barberton Farmers Market is...

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Editors notes. Due to the fact places I may find better photos are...

Will Football Play including Barberton High School. (Opinion)

The NFL will play football ,But OSU and College Football may delay, and OSHAA including Barberton HS may not play football.

Will Barberton use COVID-19 as an excuse for their financial problems.

  Covid-19 Quarantine is the New Excuse! Many businesses, organizations, and individuals were in financial trouble before the Covid-19 quarantine....

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