Carla Calls Out Council and Other Barberton Events of Interest




Carla Debevec is the Chairperson for the Finance Committee on City Council. She voted ‘No’ alongside Ward 4’s Shaun Jaber, to put the property tax levy on this November’s ballot. Currently, the city is receiving $3.6 million dollars in government monies to pay city expenses. Carla wanted to wait to see the city’s financial state before a levy was placed on the ballot.

Carla knows this property tax is only a temporary fix, due to the income taxes lost by Babcock & Wilcox moving to Akron. If our country’s economy continues to improve, as it has the last four years under Trump, the property tax would give City Hall, with efforts from the new Planning Director, Trevor Hunt, time to recover, while not imposing a permanent tax on taxpayers.

A property tax needs to be voted on by the people, on the obverse, a city income tax increase can simply be passed by City Council, with no direct ability for voters to have say.

Unfortunately, many are predicting that the property tax measure will fail. If that happens, it is likely that Council will feel significant pressure to institute a city income tax increase next year. Income taxes are – historically – not rolled back. Long after the current Mayor vacates city hall, the tax will almost certainly remain. Voters will have little recourse, save paying it indefinitely, or deciding to move to a more tax-attractive area. The temporary property tax measure that is on the ballot tomorrow is a FAR better option for Barberton in the long run. Please think over our realistic options and consider voting ‘Yes’, for the temporary, 3mil property tax.

Two groups want to buy or lease the Foundation fields. The city can not afford to maintain them now. Let’s encourage our officials to privatize the fields, and save money for the taxpayers.

Halloween was bigger and better than many had hoped, thanks to so many area businesses. Big Mike’s had a free haunted house, SKOOPS and Magic City Subs handed out candy and goodies, and M&M Taphouse had a Halloween Party.

M&M Taphouse was also host to a wedding! Kenneth Cheatham officiated the marriage of Richard Cragle and Jacki Moody! Congratulations to the couple on their Halloween nuptials.

Mark Leach will play at Finney’s Sports Bar in Norton on November 14. Catch his show. His voice and stage presence are excellent! He really is a great showman and Barberton has a right to be very proud of him.

Barberton High School basketball is playing a full, twenty-two game schedule. Will fans be allowed? I doubt it, but let’s hold out some hope!!

October was a deadly month in Barberton. Two men were murdered in separate incidents, and a house fire took the life of a 64 year-old man.

By the way, Thano’s on Fridays has three, excellent fish specials.


  1. You are wrong about a couple things. First, city income tax must be approved by the voters. Council does not have the power to arbitrarily pass the tax. They do have the ability to roll back the income tax credit. They also have the ability to raise the fees for sewer and water fees without voter approval. Income taxes support the General fund, Police, Fire, Streets, Parks, City Administration. Sewer and water fees support the Enterprise Fund which can only be used for Sewer and Water. The funds can not be mixed. Secondly, Debevec and Jabber are two of the most uninformed Counci members. Debevec is know for not even reading the ordinances before voting….very ill informed. Jabber didnt even know the City doesn’t run the schools. Awful analysis…..just awful.

    • With all due respect, that is not what we have repeatedly been told. If the data is different, we’ll amend it. Your opinion on Jaber and Debevec are your own, of course. Given that Carla grew up around city government, I will take leave to doubt your assertion and other outside opinions about her knowledge in how city hall actually operates. I will encourage others to do the same. As for Rocky, he’s clearly smart enough to run a successful, private sector business. I’m sure he’s a quick study, and he’s already demonstrated ready desire and ability to support the community, even to the detriment of his own free time and bank account, as well as his personal peace of mind. He did not have to run for council, at all, but he did any way. Let us agree to disagree.

    • Hopefully, you saw the rest of the data points. Let’s rejoice in a wedding and the happenings around town. Aside from politics, life goes on. Let’s focus on what unites, rather than divides


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