Barberton News foe May 17th




 Covid-19 Magic City Notes for the Week of 5-17-20.

  1. Breaking news last night, the Barberton Farmers Market is not opening on June 2. It will not open later. The Barberton  Historical Society runs the program with the big help of Robert Hurbean. There has been a $5 a week booth charge to vendors. Vendor’s appreciated the low cost compared to $50 a week charges at many other area markets. It will be missed.

2. The nail salon in Magic City Shopping Center was packed on Friday. They took walk-ups. The haircut shop in the shopping Center was very orderly with appointments only. I was able to get a haircut on Friday. Only $15, but a big tip for the beautician.  I did not care what it cost!

3. Talked to several people at the shopping center, and people are mentally worn out being quarantined. Many had masks at the shopping center.

4. A city councilman, Shaun Rocky Jaber reports that  Trevor Hunt,  will replace Joe Stefan, as city planning director. Mr. Hunt is a young man from Wayne County. 

5. The Mayor formed a committee for the future planning of Barberton, No one knows who is on it. One member rumored on the committee is Dan Bogart. Dan is the former  Barberton Jaycee President and now lives in  Akron. He does the sound for the summer concerts. What is disappointing,  residents like Bebe Heitic, Shaun Rocky Jaber, or Justin Greer are not on the committee. These young men are councilmen and work so hard for Barberton’s future.  This shows the poor PR skills of the mayor. If you would communicate and have a team attitude, you could go far in politics. Bullying and secrecy are outdated politics!

6. An outdoor blockfest is planned for Friday on Tusc and 2nd St to help the bars and restaurants like M@M Taphouse, Block 7, Ignite, Casa del Ranchero, Green Diamond , and Fehr’s Corner Cafe. Social distancing will be enforced. Restaurants will have indoor seating by then.

7.Magic City Subs is open for carryout. Hodge’s still has carryout too!

8. SKOOPS has awesome treats, but their coney dogs are the best ever. I really enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich. ($3.50). Sassy Dog was housed at SKOOPS before the new owners bought it. Maybe some hot dog vibe is going on at that corner. By the way, Steve Brookens, Magic City food critic, rates this as the best hot dog in Summit County.

9. Erie Depot has great ice cream from Wisconsin but their Italian sausage sandwich for $5.50 is the best.  Steve Brookens,  calls the Italian Sausage sandwich from Erie Depot better than any county fair!

10. Steve Brookens is involved with Barberton Speedway and the racing season looks in jeopardy. Nascar runs today without fans. Barberton Speedway needs the fans to pay the bills.

11. Softball, hardball, tennis, golf and other non contact spots are practicing in the area.  Will Barberton youth football be playing soon!

12. Coburn Quilts on Tusc has masks for sale at $5.  Also check with Erin Flesher at Erin Nails for masks. The other Erin at Magic City Tattoo is open on Wooster Rd West and 24th St.(The old Bodnar Pharmacy building).

13. Remarkable Diner is open with patio dining. Great food!! Carryout too!

14. Red Horse Winery is still going to have carryout on Friday and Saturday from 4-9pm. They will wait until later to open up inside dining. The pizza is awesome and pickled pizza is worth the drive. The wine slushies are so refreshing.

15  Gyms and fitness centers will open after Memorial Day! Interesting to see what response the public gives this opening. Many may stay home still! But it is time to get back to near normal. We may never see the old ways again! We could be in the decade of the “mask”!

16. No word on what is going on at the old KMART space in Barberton. The landlord is being paid the rent until the end of the year by KMART. This shutdown does not help retail space leasing.

17. Barberton High School will have a parade starting at the high school on Friday May 22, 2020 at 7pm. Come out to the parade route downtown and cheer the grads!!

18. Enjoy and support our local businesses in Barberton!


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Mike Bodnar
Mike Bodnar
Admin of Ed: Barberton 1972. Ohio Northern University 1977 BS in Pharmacy. Retired Pharmacist. Grew up on the Northend and Crissman Park. I love Barberton and always will.

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