Tavia Galonski, Barberton’s Democratic Rep. to the Ohio State House, Focuses on the Netherlands, and Opening Another Federal Investigation




If you didn’t think that Barberton’s elected reps could possibly embarrass us worse than Congressional Rep. Tim Ryan (D) did, at a hero-filled SOTU, please hold Democratic State Rep. Tavia Galonski’s beer.

You might think that the virtual black eye of Ryan storming out during a State of the Union address, is ancient history.  Much has happened. Why even bring it up? Because another Barberton Rep has hit the national media, bringing political attention to themselves. Do any of these actions represent you and Barberton interests?

Barbertonians and Akronites are reading this either in lockdown, or working a job that is likely risking their lives by showing up, as a highly contagious CoVid-19  continues to shut down international borders, kill thousands, crash economies and collapse entire healthcare systems. You might also think that local and state politicians would be FAR TOO BUSY trying to guide us through this crisis, to have the time to even consider the luxury of political one-upmanship that Federal reps can indulge in. You’d be wrong.

Given the gravity of this current crisis, Democratic Ohio state Rep. Tavia Galonski, felt she had to act. Oh, not on behalf of us – her actual constituents –  or to help the people of Ohio during this crisis. No… she is worried about Federal and global government, levels of governance in which she has never held a job, nor taken part, either as an appointed bureaucrat, nor as an elected official.

Apparently, not to be outdone by Tim Ryan in the department of out-of-touch arrogance, she has turned her attention to the Netherlands and the President. Sound surreal, given the local circumstances? It’s not. That is exactly where Tavia Galonski’s focus is.

Rep. Galonski made global news on Sunday, April 5th, when she declared that she is going to spend her time in Columbus – not trying to help her unemployed constituents to navigate social services, nor trying to get meals to hungry kids who cannot go to school, nor trying to work with Governor DeWine to write legislation that might keep people from foreclosure, as they wait for this crisis to subside – but in trying to get President Trump sent to The Hague (yes, THAT Hague), in the Netherlands.
She wants him to face charges for “crimes against humanity” for talking about Hyroxychloroquine.  She opposes you trying an unapproved FDA drug because, get this….it might a harm a person. She ignores that it has been around since the 50’s, with no deaths. She ignores the fact that it has shown great promise in treating the novel virus.  And She ignores the fact that CoVid-19 is expected to kill 240,000 Americans and maybe more!  One has to wonder at her motivations in risking citizens’ lives. 

At least for Rep. Ryan’s part, he at least, has an elected position at the Federal level, and was able to walk out of a Federal function that he was qualified to attend with the progressive Democrats called “The Squad”.  State Rep. Galonski has chosen to ignore her actual responsibilities to her home and constituents in Northeast Ohio, in order to pander to an even wider audience.

Despite what media has told us, Tavia Galonski’s district is NOT President Trump’s, NOR the Federal government’s, nor the global community’s responsibility. Ohio State’s government must govern Ohio state. If Galonski wishes to shirk her duties in an effort to gain press for herself, we must conclude that this crisis and its crushing problems, are WAY over her head.

Rep. Tavia Galonski should announce that she is stepping down so she can then focus on The Hague, in the Netherlands, while we are left with a REAL State Rep. The problem is, we clearly have no committed voice in Columbus. Perhaps the UN will have Galonski when this mess is over, and we, and the rest of Ohio, can get on with the business of pulling through this disaster, without her help.

Before we all invest in paper bags to wear over our heads, while an uncomfortable spotlight is shone upon us, let’s get honest with ourselves. As has been demonstrated in 2016, politics doesn’t have to be this way, and we don’t have to keep accepting it. Let’s look around our district, which includes Barberton and parts of Akron, and consider where an involved representative might better spend their time, for us, in Columbus. Then, let’s pick up our phones, power up our computers, and/or write a letter to inform Galonski’s office, and Governor DeWine, about her differing priorities. We, in Barberton and Akron, are hurting, and Rep. Galonski is ignoring her district’s emergent needs, which are HER direct responsibility.

Tavia Galonski has forfeited her job – or should be forced to do so. Meanwhile, the people of Barberton and Akron, will continue to try hard to help Governor DeWine mitigate the danger to our communities, our infrastructure, and our economy, by helping our neighbors and our families, to get through this.

Tavia Galonski is a lawyer who was appointed an Akron Common Pleas Magistrate. The Summit County Democrats then appointed her to a vacant Ohio District 35 seat in 2017. Barberton and Kenmore then elected her to the seat in 2018.  Does the (D) mean an automatic vote.? Does the PARTY decide who is elected?

Will Barberton vote for her again?


  1. Democratic Representative Tavia Galonski, you got it half right, it is not President Trump who needs to be brought up before the ICC, International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, it is CHINA, who allowed a containable virus outbreak to be spread world wide and become a PANDEMIC., that is threatening the whole of Humanity, killing thousands.


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