Marshall Department store in downtown Barberton.



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Bring Back Marshall’s and Forget Amazon!

How many of us still remember going to Marshall’s in downtown Barberton. The place to get your school clothes. They even had their own charge accounts and would write the charge in their book. Speaking of charge accounts, Mondl’s and the small grocery stores would write the charge in their books. And I wrote customer charges in my father’s Pharmacy. There was no Visa or Mastercards at that time.

How many of us remember the mezzanine in Marshalls. It reminded me of the balcony in the Barberton High School gym. The mezzanine was known for its children’s department. You could walk the steps, or take the elevator which had an elevator operator. It was scary as a child, seeing those spooky jail doors close in front of you by this man running the elevator.

The store had a great supply of textiles so you could buy all your material to make dresses , blouses, and drapes. That is long gone. The Hoover repair man, in his kiosk, had all the sweeper supplies. (He later moved to Fairlawn by the Summit Mall.) Of course, toys were a favorite stop in the store.

Today, it is very difficult to buy a belt or underwear in Barberton. We are  told society has advanced but was this advancement better or just another spin in the retail world. Malls are dying that destroyed Marshall’s. Amazon is destroying the malls now. Walmart had its fling at destroying the Marshall’s. A friend tried to order supplies from Amazon and they still have not arrived for two weeks.  Bring back the Marshall’s and forget Amazon!!


  1. I remember All if those stores! My sister Barbara worked at Marshall’s. I worked for your dad, as well as my sisters Dianne and Maureen. The Genet’s, Bartel’s and Casto’s!! I was working the night the drug store caught on fire!!


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