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Barberton Shows It Has A Heart of Gold



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Bethany McKenney reading the long list of donors and volunteers.
Large amounts of donations came in yesterday
cupcakes donated by Leaches Meats and Sweets

The Mertons has three girls and two boys. The names are:

1.Philomena Rose 1lb 9.4oz

2.Evangeline Margaret 1lb 10.5 oz

3. Gideon Michael 1 lb 12.7 oz

4. Meredith Theresa 1lb 4.3 oz

5. Elliot Sebastian 1lb 11oz.

They went 25 weeks and 2 days. The goal was at least 24 weeks and a max of 30 weeks. They were born March 5, 2020.  The couple lives on the west side of Barberton.

The long-awaited day here in Barberton arrived last week when the Five Mertons made their debut to greet well-wishers and a praying community. Just in time and as scheduled the baby shower took place yesterday at the Prince of Peace Church. The bountiful pile of gifts was piled high on a long table with more on the way.

It would be hard to deny that without the hard work of Bethany McKenney and her committee, including Sue Cianciola, Nancy Collin, Jennifer Hager, Delores Juriga, Paula Kallio, Michelle Merton, Judy Michel, Becky Phillips, Kimberly Trenary and Rhonda Wood, that the shower would have grown to a large donation event.

volunteers serving at the food line

For those who attended the choice of foods were numerous due to generous merchants including Leaches Meats and Sweets. Bebe Heitic of the Green Diamond provided Mac and Cheese. Valerie Castor of Menches provided plenty of fresh veggies. Jeremy Clemetson from East of Chicago donated delicious pizzas while Jason Sams of Acme went above and beyond on the beverages.

Other donations came from Sue Cianciola-The Giving Doll. Barberton Local Tees donated along with The Community Development Services, C.J. Dannemiller Company, Now Church of Wadsworth, Bill Bramen, Michele Merton, Penny Weaver and Skoops all joined in to make this a very successful event.  

The diapers, wipes and other baby products were beyond anything imaginable with some products still in storage. I think Barberton showed its true colors by showing their love and affection for the five babes.

We have a lot to be proud of here in the Magic. And as we look at everything given and accomplished, Bebe then came forward and offered two years of diaper services. Can we get some applause here! I am sure more stories of a city with heart will come forward in the near future. Please fill in anything I may have overlooked.

Any further donations can be offered by contacting Beth McKenny.

More sweet deserts


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Micheala Johanson
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