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Lou Lyras for U.S. Congress- Why I Support Him




Usually, politics is a subject I really try to avoid. I feel that most of the time, it is nothing but drama and mudslinging, and I don’t want any part of that. However, over the past month I have had the chance to sit down and talk with one of the candidates who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in District 13, which includes Barberton. Getting to know him and where he stands has been a great experience. He is more passionate about helping and serving our district than any candidate I have ever seen.

The first thing that I like about Lou Lyras is that he is a moderate. He is running as a Republican, but his views are very much in the center. In my opinion, that is great! I feel that the best candidates and public officials are the ones who see beyond party lines and vote based on what they think is best for the people and place they represent! I personally identify as a moderate republican, but no matter what you are; Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, I believe that you Lou is someone you can trust!

Lou Lyras, who has been a businessman nearly his entire life, wants to bring jobs and industry back to our district. I feel that this is extremely important. Our district has greatly suffered for decades ever since we lost the majority of our factories. This had a negative impact on Youngstown, Akron, and our town of Barberton that has lasted to this day. Lou wants to work to bring jobs back, negotiate fair trade deals, and bring growth to our district.

One of the best things about Lou is that he loves to talk to people, and he will always answer a question. He doesn’t dodge questions. He also wants to work with people on all sides. If he is elected, he will work with Republicans and Democrats to make the best deals and decisions. He will not work for a party, he will work for district 13.

Lou has faced strong opposition from the Republican party for his moderate views. The party has completely thrown their support behind Christina Hagan, who is also running on the Republican ticket in district 13. She does not live in our district, and has made outrageously false statements about Lou. She is receiving the support of the Republican Party because they know she will vote purely on party lines. Lou has lived in our district his entire life, and will always vote based on what is best for our district. Lou also signed a term limit pledge, and is the only candidate running who has.

Tim Ryan, who is our incumbent representative, needs to be replaced. He has left our district behind, instead focusing on impeaching the President, and running for president himself. We need a representative who will work for our district, not for him or herself. I believe Lou is that representative.

Everything in this article is my personal opinion. I like to avoid politics, but I feel very strongly that Lou Lyras is the representative that we need in our district! He is holding a meet and greet at the Green Diamond Grille on Wednesday, March 11th, from 6:00-8:00PM. Please got out and meet him. The primaries are on March 17th. District 13 includes most of the Akron and Youngstown area, and this includes Barberton. This impacts us, and it is our responsibility to get out and vote!

To learn more about Lou Lyras and his plans, visit his site:


  1. Nicholas, you should NEVER avoid talking about politics! Doesn’t make one super-popular, but it’s incredibly important for people to know that they have options for their futures, rather than thinking they have to pull the lever for the same, old, hack politicians. Thanks for writing this article.


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I am a life-long resident of Barberton, Ohio. I graduated from Barberton High School in 2018, and am currently studying at Kent State University to become a middle or high school band director. My dream is to one day work for the Barberton schools band program. I am happy to be a contributor to the Barberton Journal!

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