Berlin Motel, Barberton Hamburger Wars, and Other News Around 44203. Feb 29th.



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Berlin Motel, Hamburger Wars, and

                             Other News around 44203 !!

  1.  A post about  Steve’s Motel possibly being purchased by the City of Green, sparked a short explanation about the Berlin Motel in Barberton. First, it is not in Norton and the Berlin family does not own the property. The family wished the name could be changed.

         Marsha Boatright Berlin who now lives in Florida stated that the family “never imagined it would become such an unsavory place.” The motel was called Furr’s when the Berlin family first started the business. There have been 3 generations of Berlin’s in the business.

2. Magic City Subs has a new sandwich. It is an old fashion hamburger that will challenge Hodge’s Cafe. The Barberton hamburger war is on. Hodge’s has fought off previous challengers and this is a friendly war too!! Give both burgers a try. Of course, you can get a beer at Hodge’s 2

SAT, MAR 7 AT 5 PM Improv Comedy Show with Scriptless in Seattle

3. Kave is trying an improv show on Saturday, March 7, at 5 pm.

Community Baby Shower for the Merton Quints
Sunday, March 8, 2020 at 3 PM – 6 PM

Prince of Peace Church 1263 Shannon Ave, Barberton, Ohio 44203

4. The community shower for the Quints is March 8 from 3-6 pm

at Prince of Peace Church on Shannon Ave. Next to West Elementary.

Shout-out to Bebe Heitic of the Green Diamond who will be bringing Mac & Cheese to the Quintuplet Community Baby Shower! Thank You Bebe.

5. Do not forget to try the New Red Horse Wine, Pure Pear! I love pear so of course it is great.But their pizza is very good. A lot of toppings. MMMEEMM

6. Singapore and China are putting masks on their pet dogs. If they have to eat them. they will be free of the virus.

Pet dogs with masks in Singapore and China. Chicken tastes much better.


  1. 1st. Berlins Motel is in both Barberton and Norton.
    2nd. Marcia Berlin doesn’t live in Florida. I should know, she’s my sister inlaw.
    3rd. The motel should be bulldozed down. It’s a cess pool and nuisance to the community.

  2. Bryan Berlin, I’m with you on that, it is disgusting nothing but drugs an dirty it’s really sad to see because at one time it was a good place to stay. we need a nice hotel put in. Bulldoze that in I agree 100%.


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