Barberton Skoops Ready To Open In March. Dole Whip Featured At Disney Available.




Skoops Ice Cream at 438 5th Street NE has new owners. Terry Rastetter and David Helbling have purchased the property and have brought it back to life as Skoops, they say because “It’s a landmark with a story and it’s time for a new chapter”. is a local news and entertainment provider with content by local writers, experts, and Community Leaders. Opinions are the writers.

Many have met Terry and David at various Barberton events, as they are living up to their mission of “Taking Care of the Community”. They took control after purchasing the property late summer of 2019 and have made major repairs and fixed the cosmetic look to the building to make it a better place for everyone. They added an exterior walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer, installed by Helbling Supply, to be able to keep up with the large demand they are expecting and free up lots of space on the inside.  The building is beautiful and ready to go thanks to a lot of elbow grease from their family, especially their dads. The place was built in 1966 by Pete Peresta, a retired Barberton policeman and opened in 1967.   

David and Terry, the new Skoops owners.

Terry and David have made major improvements to the menu. Terry is a professional in the food business. He has carried roles such as Regional Manager and Director of Operations for a couple of large chains. David is with corporate Anheuser – Busch as a Shelf Set Coordinator. They live in Canton, Ohio. 

Terry went to Manchester and worked in ice cream for 9 years starting at the age of 13. His passion for the ice cream and restaurant business was born, thanks to the owner who took him under her wing for many years. Starting at the age of 14, Terry volunteered time at  Barberton Citizens Hospital. David grew up in Dover, Ohio working for his parents at Helbling Supply and studied at Walsh University prior to his career. 

The menu will have sandwich items like Coneys Dogs, with homemade coney sauce, to BBQ pulled pork and many unique ice cream products along with the old fashioned favorites. One product is Dole Whip. It is served at Disney in Orlando as one of the most popular treats. The product is Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Dairy Free.

Skoops will feature items that will be a treat for anyone on any diet restriction.  Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free along with the Old Fashioned goodies that will be sure to take care of your sweet tooth. One of the most exciting products is the Leach’s Sweets donut ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate and topped with a variety of options, or perhaps a slice of chocolate-dipped cheesecake.

The menu features Barberton themed items such as the clever “Lake Anna Banana Split to the Magic City Mint Shake”.  Pumpkin will be a permanent milkshake flavor as it’s one of their favorites. We are only getting started with our menu, said David.

Earlier it was announced that a special “Pup Cup” will be served, and 25 cents of each purchase will go to the Summit County Humane Society each and every year. “Skoops will be the place that everyone feels welcome and proud to visit, come try something new while playing a round of cornhole”-said Terry.

The stand will be open in mid-March to November with the hours of 11 am -9 pm/ 7 days a week with extended hours in the summer.  They have the best in the business staff hired and are beginning training this week, Skoops had over 100 folks apply in only 1 day!  Get ready for an exciting new eatery, Skoops is back and here to stay! Check out the pictures and be sure to like their Facebook and Instagram for more updates, daily specials!!


  1. Really excited about SKOOPS opening again…every neighborhood needs and ice cream shop.
    I have been watching the progress of the rebuilding of SKOOPS and I gotta tell you…We are
    so anticipating a spectacular Grand opening ! Terry & David…Thank you for bringing this little
    corner of Barberton back to life !Thanks for CARING AND SHARING !

  2. I’ve worked there all thru high school and while I was going to college. Carol was the owner at the time, Mr. Peresta’s, sister in law. She bought it from them I believe. Glad to see it back.

  3. This is marvelous news!! I’m so glad and proud! Terry, you and David are Livin the dream. No one deserves success and happiness and fulfillment more than you. You are truly one of the kindest, considerate, hard working, funny and the best personality around! I guess I miss you! Lol your pal Joy


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