Second Chance Romance Circumstance in Barberton



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Once again a romance is spotted in Barberton. I knew at first glance when I saw this couple singing to each other with the Karaoke DJ we were in for a night of love and laughter and joy.

As the couple came in I glanced over and noticed them singing along with the song as they gazed into each others eyes ever so sweetly. I remember those day of young love and nothing more important than staring into my soulmates eyes.

Ah yes, school days, your first crush, puppy love they called it…but it lasted through out the years. You could not ever forget your first love and now to have a 2nd chance at love…How sweet it is ! I could not help myself I had to go over and talk to them. What special occasion was it that made them be so amorous towards each other? I just had to know ! The vibes were in the air..Love vibes that is.

They were more than willing to share their happiness with me. It seems as though they knew each other in grade school and he was the bully that dipped her braid in the ink well…well actually he just tugged at her braids…still trying to vie for her attention. As it was not to be at this time in their lives they each married someone else and went on with their lives, raised families and never mentioned it until as circumstances would allow, they met up again somehow and he being divorced now and she being a widow it was time for them to live out the remaining years together. Yes indeed, Greta and Gary are Dancing in the Moonlight and Singing to the Music. What a wonderful and happy pair you are…Thank you for SHARING & CARING in Barberton.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, sugar is sweet and I love you.


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    One just never knows what is going to catch the eye of the we try to get a little bit
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    You made me smile today..what a way to start my week !


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Judy Michel
Judy Michel
Originally from Akron, Ohio, moved to Barberton in 1986. Retired Phlebotomist. Now wife, mother and grandmother. special interests..meeting the wonderful and talented people in Barberton and getting to know as many as I can.

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