City to fine the lot owner instead of the Irresponsible Dog Owners. (Opinions of Erin and Me)




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Erin Flesher’s FaceBook Post:

Woke up super mad to a text from the lot owner 😡 now the city is trying to fine the lot owner beside me….Saying if he does not clean up the 💩in 5 days!……He will be fined WTH!!!!!!!!! ITS NOT HIS DOG SHIT THE LANDLORD Of THIS BUILDING WHERE THE DOGS LIVE WHO’S TENANTS NEVER EVER ARE HELD RESPONSIBLE!!!! This is not OK! Stop passing it around onto other people!!!! I sure do hope if they are doing all this then they make the historical district laws and regulations of no one living in the bottom of a deemed commercial building law effective for Ken the landlord! The girl hanging out of her buildings second floor window on the news wasn’t enough??? screaming her dogs shits in this lot?????? Why are they not being fined or made to clean it up OR HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CLEAN UP????

The Opinion of the writer(Mike Bodnar): (And Erin, I agree with you but…)

It is the Dog Owners who are the problem, but the owner of the lot is responsible for the property. If a landlord does not mow the grass etc… the city mows it and charges the landlord. He must take care of the property. The landlord is also responsible for code violations and this is a public health problem. Unfortunately, the lot owner is responsible. And he will clean it up because he is a good person, and will do the right thing.

The city can not fine a dog owner for doodoo in a city lot unless there is evidence that the owner’s dog is responsible. He can use a camera to gather evidence of the violators. And he can proceed to court to recover costs caused by the irresponsible dog owners or talk to the landlord of the building.

If I was the landlord of the dog owners, I would charge extra for a pet. I would tell my tenants to start policing their dog or I would raise the pet charge to cover the irritation from irresponsible dog owners. The building owner is also is responsible for the solution to this problem.


  1. I think the dog owners should be fined and the owner of the property that the dog owners live at…they are the nuisance.
    There are Ohio codes that state such. and how many times .have the police been called out..isn’t there a limit before the landlord is fined?..What is up with following the rules and laws set for us? Not to mention..COMMON DECENCY !
    What a bunch of CRAP all the way around !

  2. Shame on the dog owner for not doing her duties!! I live in Barberton as well and see people walking their dogs and they pick up after the dog does its business and I’m sure the people at the dog park also clean up after their dogs. So why shouldn’t she be responsible to clean it up!!! The city expects residents walking their dogs to clean up after them. So come on lady be a decent person and stop being ignorant and just do your job as a dog owner and clean up after it!!!!


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Mike Bodnar
Mike Bodnar
Admin of Ed: Barberton 1972. Ohio Northern University 1977 BS in Pharmacy. Retired Pharmacist. Grew up on the Northend and Crissman Park. I love Barberton and always will.

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