Benefit for Phil and Christy was a SUCCESS !




Phil was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It was devastating to the couple and to their family and friends.

This type of illness saps your strength, energies and your wallet. Thank goodness this wonderful couple has such loving people in their lives for support. Once again CARING & SHARING comes into play in our town of Barberton. We don’t have much as a town, as the news has been putting it out there, but you had better believe when one of our own needs help…BARBERTON IS THERE !

Several of Phil and Christy’s family and friends came together and held…ONE HECK OF A BENEFIT! Individuals, families, merchants, and businesses pitched in to hold this gala…and I usually would say it came off without a hitch, but THEY GOT ENGAGED !!! Right there in front of God and everybody! This might be a fairy tale ending if the powers that be will let it be. We will follow their journey as time goes on and keep you posted

Phil is by no means out of the woods yet and his sister has a GoFund me running for him, as his medical needs still have to be met.…

This couple will be in our thoughts and prayers.



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Judy Michel
Judy Michel
Originally from Akron, Ohio, moved to Barberton in 1986. Retired Phlebotomist. Now wife, mother and grandmother. special interests..meeting the wonderful and talented people in Barberton and getting to know as many as I can.

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