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Coyotes are everywhere. A relative of mine on business in another state went Coyote hunting with his boss. Nationally, a man stranged a coyote that attacked his child. A highway patrol shot a coyote who attacked him during a highway stop.

Coyotes are throughout Summit County including is all the cities. Akron has them because of the Metro Parks which connect with the National Park System. Barberton through the Towpath Trail also has a connection to the National Parks.

Coyote likes to attack small animals.

I have learned from several hunter friends:

  • It is mating season for Coyote, therefore they are more aggressive.
  • Pups arrive in March/ early April.
  • There is no hunting season for coyotes. A hunter can kill it anytime.
  • Barberton, like all cities, has a law against the discharge of a firearm except for defense inside your home. (The castle Bill) .
  • A conviction by jury trial for killing a coyote in your yard is unlikely. However, do not miss as a stray bullet could result in a conviction for endangering the community.
  • During winter, the food source is more difficult. They eat field mice and other rodents whose population drops in winter, and the mice try to go indoors.
  • With fewer field mice, an easy food source, they are traveling farther and will take more risk, attacking foxes, pets, and as a pack a smaller younger deer or in the spring, a fawn.
  • Coyote is a pack animal with an Alpha Male. If you see one coyote, that is the Alpha male looking after the security of the pack. The other coyotes are nearby, either resting/waiting for the alpha male to call with an awful high squeak bark or howl.
  • Coyote chooses not to attack a full-size adult. But will defend, if the coyote feels the pack is threatened. Hunters assume the Highway officer stopped was near where the pack was resting.
  • They attack safe small animals which include pets and possibly a small child which is unusual but happens.
  • If a coyote attacks an adult, checked for rabies.

How can Barberton solve this problem

The lady who had her cat killed by 2 coyotes spoke to Barberton City Council Meeting Tuesday at the invite of Justin Greer. She lives by Crissman Park with open fields behind her house from the old Sand Banks and Barberton High School Fields and Newton Park a short walk. Mayor Bill Judge met with her expressing concern and looking into what Barberton can do.

What can Barberton do about this problem?

  • The State of Ohio has a roster of Marksmen Hunters, most Ex-Military certified marksman.
  • The most logical and easiest is to hire marksman hunters to hunt coyote in the woods around Barberton. But this is a county problem instead of a city as much of the area is outside the City.
  • Trapping coyote is the most likely solution but less humane. Shooting by registered marksmen is quick and far less painful.
  • Trapping consequence is the death of other animals and the accidental stepping in a trap by a nature lover.
  • Barberton can contribute money to the hiring of marksman hunters but need the surrounding communities’ co-operation. Leaders can get the area communities to trap or shoot in the surrounding woods.


  1. I posted two years in a row of a coyote using Summit st as his shortcut? Saw him walking along Summit past Orchard. Around three in the morning. If the city would stop people from tearing down the forest around Barberton like on Barber road then they might stay in the forest. They are removing their habitats.

  2. keep your animals inside or in your yard with supervision. You wouldn’t let your kids run the streets so don’t let your animals. you can let them a safe place to play


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Mike Bodnar
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