Women’s Cat Killed By Coyote in Barberton.




Coyotes are everywhere but seldom seen. A Barberton Women on Facebook said her cat was killed in her yard. Sad and disturbing. But what can the City of Barberton do to prevent this destruction?.

If the City of Barberton hunts them and animal rights activists will complain. Sure, if one kills an animal or harms a person, it can be destroyed. But only after the fact.

Common sense in the past would be shot it if you see it. But today, discharging a firearm will get you arrested. I really do not know what one can do about these pests.


  1. I hunt near the city of Barberton. I have encountered coyotes multiple times while deer hunting. I always take them out. I have many pictures of them on trail cameras duri g the nighttime hours. I was ice fishing last year and one walked on the same pond I was ice fishing in The Magic City. They will also lure dogs that are in heat or that are willing to mate with a coyote in heat into the woods only to kill them and yes, eat them. They are a nuisance and do need to be delt with before they attack, God forbid, a small child or another beloved pet. Alternatives could be Snipers or Professional Trappers. They are mostly nocturnal animals. They will venture out during the daytime hours during the mating season, or if they are coaxed by the sound of an injured animal that presents the opportunity for an easy meal.

    • UGH. I know you’re probably right, but I hate those traps. They’re brutal. That said, coyotes can be a danger to little kids, as well as pets. Got to look out for them.

  2. Set up some live traps then take them out somewhere far from the city and get rid of them. That way no one can complain about it. I don’t have outside pets but I don’t want coyotes hanging around either. If our cat goes outside one of us goes out with her. And she stays on the porch with us. I would never leave her outside alone. I’d sure like to see those coyotes gone though.

  3. I have an inside only cat. If she wants to go outside with one of us she stays on the porch or will go down in the yard. When we are ready to come in she comes in too. We never leave her outside alone. That way we don’t have to worry about her getting hurt or killed by another animal. I’m one of the ones that doesn’t believe in having outside pets. I’ve had cats since I was a kid.

  4. You can’t do the two-step and dance around the problem. They must be eliminated. Avoiding the problem will just exacerbate the problem. They’ve already taken down deer off of Barber Road.


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Mike Bodnar
Mike Bodnar
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