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  Chicken News in Barberton

The Beacon will report on Wednesday that The food Network has awarded Belgrade with one of the best places to eat fried chicken in Ohio. Belgrade has won this award before. 

 Beacon reported that Milich’s looks like it will be sold to an operator out of Canton that does catering for weddings. The intent is to still have the chicken recipe, but expand in other areas of foodservice. The present owner has owned Milich’s since 2014.

Hopocan and White House keep right on rolling, and you can not beat the $7.95 special on Mondays at Hopocan, and the $7.95 dinner special on Tuesdays at White House.

If you want to read about the history of Barberton chicken, there is an excellent book at Snowball’s bookstore in downtown. You can order the book through the mail at Snowballs. The Beacon gave the book a great review. “Fried Chicken: An Ohio Original” by Ron Koltnow.



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