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Barberton Real Estate Market Update



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Barberton Real Estate Market Update

We have all seen the For Sale, Pending and then Sold signs go up around Town. Do you ever wonder how Barberton’s Real Estate market is doing, how many homes were sold and bought in 2019, or what the average home price was?  You’re in the right place!

Barberton successfully had 333 homes sell in 2019, with an average price of $97,376. That’s up from the 316 homes sold in 2018 with an average price of $92,290. The average day’s homes sat on Barberton’s market was 70. This is calculated by the first day a home hits the market until it’s recorded with the county as sold. Barberton’s busiest month for home sales was June, with 40 homes sold.

The market is forecasted for home values to increase slightly for 2020, but not the rapid growth we’ve seen in previous years. What does this mean? Sellers are still able to make a nice profit on the successful sale of their home. This could potentially mean sellers are still receiving multiple offers within a couple of days on the market, if not a couple of hours! What does this mean for buyers? Buyer’s dollars are not going as far as they have in the past. My advice for buyers is to consult with a lender to see how much buying power you have and what you are comfortable spending each month on a mortgage!

The Real Estate Market has started early this year with lots of buyers out now. If you are thinking about waiting until the “spring market” it is here and has sprung! January 2019 Barberton had 16 homes successfully closed, following February had 24 homes close, and in March 26 homes closed. Don’t wait for the spring market, it’s happening now, Happy selling and buying!!



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Jenna Helmuth
Jenna Helmuth
Hi, I’m Jenna, a local Real Estate Agent in the Greater Akron Area! Recently, my husband and I purchased our dream home in Norton. This is what sparked my interest in Real Estate. I was fascinated with the process, looking at all different styles of homes, learning about ‘what came next’, the relief knowing your offer got accepted, and finally, closing day! We had the best Real Estate Agent and I could not thank her enough for her amazing services and my inspiration to be that person who can assist clients get into their dream home, with a stress free experience. Outside of Real Estate, I am a mom of two, one boy (9) and one girl (5). My son is starting his second year of basketball and my daughter is start her second year of gymnastics, or as she calls it ‘to-synsastics’. Also, dog mom of 3- which all three are black with a white chest (I swear I didn’t plan it) and all different sizes -large medium, and VERY tiny. We also have one cat, she likes to think she is one of the dogs. Our family wouldn’t be what it is without the chaotic, loving, support system we have created for one another. I live for coffee, family and quality time. My ideal down time includes a coffee (or a glass of wine) a movie, and my whole family hanging out, making memories. That’s what I believe a home is for, a place for your family to grow, make memories, and lots of love. ~Jenna

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