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Shaun “Rocky” Jaber Speech to Barberton Council: Illegal or Brilliant You Decide.




See Video Link at the bottom.

by Mike Bodnar [NOTE: will publish open letters to constituents, and/or opinion articles from Community Leaders. Email: for more information.

Talk Radio, like WNIR, and Barberton Herald Views Line are similar. They both use unanimous sources for comments. Because of that, some comments are right on, some funny, and some just idiotic.

My two favorite Barberton Herald Views Lines on Shaun Jabers “Flick the Lights On ” Speech where :

  • “Jaber who flicking the lights off then on”.. (slowly) …” during a Council meeting could cause a seizure or trigger someone’s PSTD.” Seriously or is the viewer being sarcastic? At home when my wife turns off the lights than on-again, I have to fight the urge to yell at her…opps no …. wrong…that’s when she LEAVES the basement lights ON. Sorry, my mistake. And the person who left this very insightful message wanted him arrested for “inducing a panic.” Is this Funny and idiotic or just Sarcastic humor? I am not sure?
  • “Not a bright idea. Flashing the room lights like a 3rd grader …is a sign of immaturity.” OK, That’s his opinion … and everyone knows that an opinion is like a …oops… my wife said take that out. But the viewer continued with:” Other council reps and the mayor better pay close attention to this guy” Is that because Shaun “ROCKY” Jaber will keep an eye on them for the people or because HE IS KEEPING AN EYE ON BARBERTON CITY FINANCES AND THAT IS BAD FOR US.? I am not sure?

[See Kristi Evans Articles: “Flick the Lights On” And “Barberton Property Tax Proposal” for more information on this subject at]

Both of these miss Shaun’s point. He was telling the Mayor and Council that in the past they operated with the lights off so the taxpayer in Barberton did not know what they did. Now, the Mayor and Council need the People to pass an additional Property Tax Levy, so the light must come on. He used the lights to emphasize the need for transparency. And using Social Media to accomplish this.

Shaun “ROCKY” Jabber also told the Barberton Mayor and Barberton City Council that to get the voter to trust them, they must not blame the middleman-Fireman And Policeman- for the financial problems. The Mayor and Council are in charge of hiring and finances. Shaun says take responsibility and apologize for past mistakes in order to unite the City Government and the Voter into one team–The City of Barberton. And he wants the Barberton City Government to work with business to create a pro-business attitude in town

Below is Shaun “Rocky” Jabber’s 2 &1/2 minutes speech. You can judge if he induced panic that day. Comments always welcomed on facebook or this site.

Shaun “Rocky” Jaber Flick The Lights On Speech at Barberton City Council


  1. I think he was trying to make a point. The residents of this town have been in the dark for way too long, allowing this town to be run by the good old boys. It’s time we come into the light and offer some transparency rather than just assuming that we as citizens will go along with whatever they decide. For once someone is actually representing their constituents and asking for their opinion and sharing that information. I look forward to positive changes.


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