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Experts disagree when the new decade begins. Some say 2021, others take the simple approach and say 2020. According to some, I am a rather simple person so I will go with the later.

No matter, soon it will be a brave new decade according to my calendar. If the date doesn’t pertain to my scientific calculation then how can I invite the question, what has happened in your life in the past ten years?

In my personal decade space much has changed, thankfully, for the best. Ten years ago, I was using a powerchair and could only walk a short distance which was truly cramping my style.

Starting the new 2010 decade found me in the second year of the digital photography realm. I had been residing in Barberton only five years. I did not see what the future before me held like compiling history on the Wadsworth area and now Barberton. Discovering and sharing the nuggets of the area’s past never entered my mind ten years ago. Of course writing for the was not even a thought a month ago. It has given me a new outlet especially after my failed attempt with another Barberton publication

I happily admit my health is better than it was ten years ago. I’m walking. I’m driving again, though that nearly came to an end two summers ago when I drove over a cliff. I got a pacemaker when my heart nearly stopped one day. I had many mountains to overcome and put up with people who thought God gave them control over all things Micheala. But all in all, 2020 brings a brighter day.

Funny thing, when I was very young during the mid-fifties, I thought the year 2000 was a million years away and I would certainly be dead by then. I skirted death more than my fair share over the seven decades on this planet, but it will soon be 2020, well past the 2000 marker.

So how about this decade? Can we put on our way-back-hats and refresh our memory? To help heal your recent broken heart, Ohio State beat Oregon 26-7 in the 1910 Rose Bowl. Lebron James had already left Cleveland. Jeep Davis left us a year earlier in 2009.

On the world stage, the Associated Press started the decade in a daring, never to be seen again, article admitting the Clintons were on the take. Several tech millionaires were dumping money into the Clinton coffers, expecting great returns. Donald Trump gave her some pocket change too. But during her Secretary of State gig she shook the icicles out of Norway for one to three million dollars, which was chump change compared to the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Brunei payout. The Russian uranium fiasco was still a state secret at the time. Imagine all the other great events like, well, Hillary losing to Donald Trump which set off a multi-million-dollar hissy fit including the Shift and Nancy CNN show.  

True I can go on and on looking through the rear-view mirror of time including weather disasters, Browns disasters, financial disasters and much more. But instead I will make a few New Year’s resolutions. Important ones like breaking my dog of the tobacco habit.



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Micheala Johanson
Micheala Johanson
I've worked at several occupations throughout my life including journalist, photographer and chef/owner of Micheala's Cafe. Local history is one of my first loves. I sit on the board of the Wadsworth Area Historical Society and a member of the River Styx Historical Society. Being a resident of Barberton for the past fifteen years I have become interested in Barberton area history as well.

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