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I watched the 44203 basketball battle tonight: Barberton vs Norton Basketball game. Norton had size, in Phillip Wallace 6’5″ of talent. But the Barberton Magics quickness is more than the Panthers could handle, in a game which was close till Barberton opened a 10 point advantage at the end.

Come watch this team. Barberton Basketball is fun. Coach Mcbride is the right coach. This team is not tall, But do not count them out. Quickness and team basketball make up for the lack of size.

Jamair Blackmon all 5’8″ is athletic, with legit hops and quickness. Anthony Cook Jr. is big at 6’1″. He can slice to the basket and hit a three. D’Lawrence Scott – 5’7′ handles the point and with his quickness can strip the ball from the opposing point guard. Off the bench, Bennett Miller at 6’1″ can play all the positions. He seemed tonight to save Barberton possessions when needed with big offensive rebounds. All are Juniors. Soph- Tony Fox is currently injured (hand), but has a good future.

The Seniors are the cement to this team.. Bradley Eagle is a three machine, and is needed when teams try to stop Blackmon and Cook. Chad Burkhard gives them depth off the bench. His steady play and hustle allow Coach McBride to rest his guards.

But the best to watch is the Power Forward: Football player Sonny Fox. He defends the opposing big and posts up inside on offense at 5’10”. Yes, all 5’10” and 8 inches vertical. But he seems to hang or fake out bigs and somehow scores and rebounds. At the start of the 2nd half tonight in 3 straight possessions for Norton, he had 2 steals to start a fast break than on the 3rd he forced Nortons 6’5″ player into a difficult inside shot. Sonny got the rebound and started another fast break. And after Norton cut the deficit to 5 in the 4th, Fox playing the high post received a pass and as the defense collapsed on him, he fired a pass to an open Cook in the corner for a 15′ shot. He later blocked a shot from a hot Norton player at the 3 point line, and I am sure he got 9″ OFF THE FLOOR t (I may be exaggerating).

But this self-less brand of basketball is played by all the players. I could give other examples tonight of Barberton Magics passing to the open player. That is Barberton Magic Basketball. FIND THE OPEN PLAYER.

Come watch Barberton Magic Basketball…. it is fun and enjoyable.



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Mike Bodnar
Mike Bodnar
Admin of Ed: Barberton 1972. Ohio Northern University 1977 BS in Pharmacy. Retired Pharmacist. Grew up on the Northend and Crissman Park. I love Barberton and always will.

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