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New And Exciting Events Coming to M & M Tap House SOOON !!




Keep watching this site for the new and upcoming events and socials at M & M Tap house this January.
We have already experienced the fun and frolicking of the current events of Karaoke, open mic, jam sessions, trivia nights, beer bingo and YES..SOMETHING NEW !!! and exciting. Stay Tuned.


  1. Not only flicking the lights on, after reading the history of Barberton (Justine Greer ) has open a squeaky sealed iron door. Being a retired grandmother who stays home most of the time, I feel a gift has presented itself for 2020 . Thank you for new enlighting and new focus points along with fresh new people.


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Judy Michel
Judy Michel
Originally from Akron, Ohio, moved to Barberton in 1986. Retired Phlebotomist. Now wife, mother and grandmother. special interests..meeting the wonderful and talented people in Barberton and getting to know as many as I can.

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